Saturday, July 09, 2005

Jesus wept.


Franklin Graham said Muslims must "strap a bomb on" in order to "please God"

On the June 22 edition of CNN's Anderson Cooper 360, evangelist Franklin Graham told host Anderson Cooper that Islam requires its followers to become suicide bombers in order to attain salvation:

GRAHAM: In Islam, there is a lot that I have serious questions about, but the god that I worship doesn't require me to strap a bomb on myself and go blow up innocent people to prove to God that I love him and that is the way I can have salvation. Jesus Christ died for me. I don't have to die for him. God gave his son for me. I don't have to go give my life or take other people's lives to please God.
COOPER: But there's plenty of people who say, suicide bombing is a horrible, evil thing. It's not in the Quran, and those who say it is are distorting the true message of Islam.
GRAHAM: Well, no, in Islam, the only way that you can have salvation -- be assured of your salvation -- is to die in what they would call, what the clerics would call a holy war, a holy jihad, and clerics all around the world have declared this war in Iraq against the United States as a holy jihad.

Faith leaders in the East End have prepared for the aftermath of a terror attack in London. The Bishop of Stepney, Stephen Oliver, and Dr Mohammed Abdul Bari, the chairman of the East London Mosque, spoke together outside the Royal London Hospital saying the East End and London must remain united in the face of terror.

Dr Bari said "We're just shocked and horrified by what has happened. I spoke to the congregation at the mosque and tried to calm their fears and told them they must remain vigilant.

"We have worked together with the communities in the East End for many years and we must continue doing so."
Bishop Oliver said: "When something like this happens people are at first afraid, and then people get angry.
"There's a great deal of speculation in this atmosphere. We are determined that whatever the reaction it is one that unites the different faith communities."


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