Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Flu Bayou

I got my flu shot this morning. Well, let me clarify -- I got my first flu shot, for the seasonal variety. Whenever the H1N1 vaccine becomes available, I'll get that, too. I've gotten a flu shot every year it's been offered (free!) and never had any problems. Of course, I did a get a mild case of it last year, but I like to think I would have been a lot worse off if I hadn't.

My employer is making the vaccine mandatory. We are a rather large medical center and though our vaccination rate in the past has been around 75%, they're aiming much higher this time around. The only deferrals accepted are for medical or religious reasons, and if you do defer, you need to wear a mask from now till about March. If you don't take the vaccine just because you don't want to, you can be fired. that has a few folks up in arms but NC is a Right To Work state so good luck with that.

I know the shot doesn't provide complete immunity, but it gives you a much better chance of avoiding real misery (and a pretty serious illness if you've got some other medical things going on).

So knowing that I have prepared my Flu Box. In one of those big plastic lidded storage containers I have 6 cans of soup, a box of crackers, a six-pack of Vernor's Ginger Ale (thank Gnome they're finally selling it down here) , a couple bottles of Gatorade (or whatever that less sugar alternative is) some herbal tea and an extra box or two of Kleenex. That should get me through the worst of it. I've also checked the Tylenol supply. It's good.

I am ready.


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