Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dulce et decorum est

President Bush, June 6, 2005:
We live in freedom because every generation has produced patriots willing to serve a cause greater than themselves. Those who serve today are taking their rightful place among the greatest generations that have worn our nation's uniform. When the history of this period is written, the liberation of Afghanistan and the liberation of Iraq will be remembered as great turning points in the story of freedom.

From June 24, 2005:
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A suicide bomb attack on a U.S. convoy in Falluja marked the bloodiest day for U.S. female troops serving in Iraq.

Insurgents bombed a truck carrying 19 U.S. military personnel Thursday night and then ambushed it, U.S. military sources said.

At least four Marines -- including three women -- were killed. Of the 13 Marines wounded, 11 were female, the sources said Friday.

From July 20, 2005

The new Iraqi constitution should be based on Islamic tenets with restrictions on women's rights on issues such as marriage, divorce and inheritance laws, members of a committee drafting the document declared yesterday.

Shia members of the drafting committee have started a drive to make the new constitution less secular, insisting that is the wish of the majority of the electorate who voted Shia-dominated and religion-based parties into power in the elections.

Mariam al-Rayyes, a Shia member of the committee, said Islam will be a "main source" for legislation in the new constitution and the state religion.

"It gives women all rights and freedoms as long as they don't contradict with our values," she said.

"Concerning marriage, inheritance and divorce, this is civil status laws; that should not contradict with religious values."

Somehow I doubt that when these women enlisted to serve “a cause greater than themselves’ they envisioned dying for a “liberation” that wouldn’t include them.


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