Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Child Left Behind

Macho Nachos:A Tasty Tex-Mex Treat! (honest-to-God that’s what it says on his blog) decries the lack of resolve in his fellow wankers twenty-somethings:

There are times when I am ashamed of my generation, although not for the reasons that you might assume. I am not naive enough to think that our generation is the first to struggle with difficult moral issues, and to be pulled through the mire of various kinds of depravities. Indeed, when it comes to being morally reprehensible, there is truly "nothing new under the sun."

What often disappoints me about my generation is the shocking lack of willingness that we have to defend ourselves and our culture from threats - and the weak-kneed lack of resolve to see even the most banal conflict through to its conclusion. Nowhere has this become more evident than in the current conflict in Iraq.

Banal conflict:Iraq as campfire:Chernobyl

It has become a point of political extremism these days to point out the rather obvious fact that, in the historical scale of warfare, the casualties we have sustained in the Iraq war have been small. Infinitesimally small, in fact. Let it not be said that any of us would wish to minimize the lamentable loss of a single human life in warfare, much less approximately 1,800 in the same war. However, our respect for the dead and their sacrifice does not mean that we are obligated to abandon historical perspective in a sea of shrieking hysteria.

So suck it up, ya pussies

In further comparison to the wars of the past, our casualties in the Iraq war seem even smaller still. In a single day during a single batter (the battle of the Bulge) in World War II, it is estimated that over 5,000 U. S. soldiers died. Throughout the course of World War II, the greatest generation watched as hundreds of thousands of the best and brightest were forcibly drafted into a war to stop a madman who was terrorizing a far away continent, and further as over a hundred thousand of them died over a four year period. Even the widely disparaged Vietnam generation tolerated several years of forced enlistment, and much higher casualty rates without the benefit of an alternative media before becoming utterly war weary.

Got it? It’s not that so many have died, it’s that not enough have!

The liberals in this country love to berate the President for spending so much time in Crawford, accusing him of taking a five week "vacation." Honest folks know, however, that the job of being President never stops, regardless of where the President is. One of the things that Conservatives like about Bush is that he genuinely seems to dislike Washington, and being there. However, it is time to criticize the President for being in Crawford for so long for an entirely different reason. During this critical juncture in the war, when even prominent members of his own party are publicly defecting over the war, the President should have been using this time taking his message to the American people. We will not lose this war militarily, we will only lose it politically. For the President to ignore this reality and spend five weeks in Crawford while his detractors flail away at his policy and the public at home grows increasingly war weary is tantamount to neglecting his duty in the prosecution of this war. Sometimes, a President who wishes to be perceived as a man of strength and conviction, as the President claims to be, must do things he should not have to do for the sake of the cause he believes in.

I call upon the President to do so now. Remind us now, and remind us often, why this war is worth fighting. And remind us, most importantly of all, even for those who simply will not agree that the war is worth fighting, why immediate withdrawal represents disaster, and will cost more American lives in the long run than staying the course until the conflict is done.

And remind me of the address of the nearest recruiting station. HAHAHAHAHA Jes' kiddin'.


Blogger D.B. Echo said...

I have heard a story that in past wars the Russian army used first sheep and later peasants to march in front of them across areas with landmines, so as not to waste valuable militart resources in determining the mines' locations. I don't understand why all these gung-ho pro-war types are willing to sit safely at home when they could be serving as curb feelers setting off Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq. After all, why should we lose highly trained soldiers in such a wasteful way? I'd rather see Jenna and Babs get blown to unrecognizable piles of meat than the kid from across the street who joined the National Guard to earn some extra money for college.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous ice weasel said...

Another kid shooting off his mouth with nothing (brains or brawn) to back it up. He'll make an excellent republican staffer.

2:55 PM  

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