Sunday, November 20, 2005

Those Sugarplums better be wearing pants!

Those of you hoping to avoid the mad Christmas shopping rush might be interested in perusing the fine offerings of The Vision Forum, headed by one Doug Phillips Doug has some really spiffy stuff for boys and girls.

For little Timmy (or, in Doug’s case, Doug, Joshua, Providence and Honor) we have the All-American Boy’s Adventure Catalog, wherein “Every toy, tool, and book has been carefully selected and designed to inspire and motivate boys to dream big dreams for the glory of God. Boys can demonstrate faith in the face of battle with Sergeant York or build a treehouse with dad.”

Or maybe protect the homestead from Godless heathens with the 15 piece Classic Knights Collection:

“Fearless knights rescuing maidens in distress, dashing young warriors defending their land from the evil enemy — such was the golden age of chivalry. “To always do ladies, gentlewomen, and widows succor” was the knight’s oath, and in defense of the weak he was called to take up arms. Now your little crusader can defend home and family with these magnificently hand-painted figurines.”

And don’t think the little ladies among us are neglected.

“The Beautiful Girlhood Collection aspires, by the grace of God, to encourage the rebuilding of a culture of virtuous womanhood. In a world that frowns on femininity, that minimizes motherhood, and that belittles the beauty of being a true woman of God, we dare to believe that the biblical vision for girlhood is a glorious vision. It is, in fact — a beautiful vision. It is a vision for purity and contentment, for faith and fortitude, for enthusiasm and industry, for heritage and home, and for joy and friendship.”

And what more glorious vision could there be than watching your father drown?

As the Titanic sank, Pastor John Harper of Scotland cried out for lost souls, led dying men to Christ, and ultimately sacrificed his life for others. On board with him was his daughter Nan. This is a love story about a father and a daughter, and how one girl grew up to pass on her father's legacy of heroism and Christianity to future generations. Thrilling and Christ glorifying!

Ah, Christmas -- it really is a magical time for the children, isn't it?


Anonymous ice weasel said...

I'll never understand these christers. Which is to say, I get the whole not-so-subtle subjugation of women thing they're always trying to pull. That ones not tough to catch. But take the site you cited for example. What a bunch of boring, tedious shit. Even the most pious and devout child would look at the crap they're selling there as something more akin to "chores" or homework than fun.

Apparently jesus never had a good time.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous uncleRoy said...

And a healthy and happy new year to you and yours.


11:18 AM  
Anonymous Murray said...

A friend of mine and former partner in a restaurant is also a very fervent Christian and his wife is into this type of stuff. He soon found that attracting these Christian money suckers was a loosing proposition. They would use the Bible to beat others into either buying their products or get people to give them discounts or free stuff. Wearing your Christianity on your sleeve can be dangerous to your financial health.

6:54 PM  

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