Monday, October 03, 2005

Loyalty is for losers.

With his nomination of Harriet Miers George Bush may have finally revealed his true nature to the besotted cultural conservatives who turned out for him in the '04 elections. The ones who thought George meant what he said about his relationship with God and who hold him up as an exemplar of the conservative "family values" they embrace. Because with this nomination, George shows he is out for George and George alone. Harriet Miers is more of a moderate than the radical right can stand, as witnessed by the meltdown in conservative blogdom.

But George doesn't need his "base" anymore; he's not running for re-election and given Jeb's dysfunctional nuclear family, he's not in line for the Presidency in this lifetime.

So George can screw the people who brought him to power because they don't matter anymore. He needs to cover his own ass and this nomination will serve him brilliantly. He puts a loyal crony on the Supreme Court, which protects his future interests as indictments and convictions of his staff wend their way through the judiciary. He also names a woman who is pro-business, so his friends in the corporate world can show their gratitude with Board seats after he leaves office.

And all you nice Red State folks who voted AGAINST your own economic and social interests because George Bush doesn't kill babies or let two men get married?

Karma's a bitch.


Blogger russell said...

Dee, I'm not so sure I agree with you on your appraisal of Meirs. She is exactly whatever bush tells her to be, and nothing more. Sure, historically appointments like this can be tricky, once you get the lifetime gig, sometimes you take it seriously. Then there is Abe Fortas.

This is just to insure the court is as bush friendly as possible for as long as possible. If bush had thought of it, he would have nominated one of his kids.

So while I am right there with you hoping this nomination does indeed disgust all the wingnuts and "moderates" who thought the chimperor was the "safe" choice, I'm not so sure this choice isn't just safe.

7:22 AM  

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