Friday, October 12, 2007

God's in his heaven, Al's right with the world

You know he's gotta be lovin' this. While the petulant child pouts in the Oval Office, Al picks up more bling for the mantle piece.

I've always been amused by the right wing reaction to Al's efforts on global warming. It's generally some variation of "he's a fraud because he lives in a big house and flies all over the world giving these speeches." It suits their purposes so well to pretend that the only way you can save the planet is live in a hut and ride a bicycle. It relieves them of the responsibility of doing anything.

The other claim I've heard ad nauseum is that his books are ghostwritten. I had to read "Earth in the Balance" back in 1992 for a class on Ecological Health. If Al paid someone to write that book for him, he sure didn't get his money's worth. Jeebus, what a grind.

So, what was a pretty lousy week for me ends on a positive note. Or two positive notes, actually. Edy's Grand Limited Edition Pumpkin Ice Cream is back in your grocer's freezer. But just for a while, so don't be wasting your time watching the World Series when you could be shopping.

It's not like any team that matters is playing this year, anyway.


Anonymous spartanfan92 said...

In countries around the world, when someone wins a Nobel prize, whether it be for peace or literature or one of the sciences they are celebrated as a shining example of the best that country has to offer. Since Bush has been in office, two Americans have won the Nobel Peace Prize: Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. Both awards have been ignored by the White House. I know this administration has the belief that "We're right, they're wrong." But the Nobel academy???

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