Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kiss of Death

Good thing I have my own office so no one could hear me howl in protest when I read this today:

MINNEAPOLIS -- In an interview with ESPN, President George W. Bush complimented Tigers owner Mike Ilitch and predicted the Tigers will return to the World Series.

"I think Detroit will be in the World Series," Bush said. "I think they'll nose out Boston. I know that may be counterintuitive, but their young pitching is great, and they've got the flamethrower Zumala back."

ESPN's Karl Ravech, who was interviewing Bush, told him the flamethrower's name is Zumaya.

"Zumaya ... Zumala, Zumaya," Bush said. "I think they'll be pretty tough."

You can start hanging the bunting in Fenway now.


Anonymous cooper said...

Ya' think? My son, for some indiscernible reason, has developed into a Red Sox fan. Please don't hold that against me; I tried to raise the boy right. Really, I did!

10:44 AM  

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