Saturday, September 27, 2008

Yes, We Can

About 17,999 of my closest friends and I got together in Greensboro to welcome the next President of the United States. The day was overcast and rain threatened, but that didn't stop us. The line to get in went on for blocks and blocks, and when you finally turned the corned and saw the train station venue it was like you had reached the Promised Land.

We must be pretty special, because we got both Biden AND Obama the day after the debate.

I haven't seen that many smiling people, of all different races, ages and sizes together in one place in a loooooonnng time. And even though it was a long line and a tight fit, we had a great time. And Senator Obama did not disappoint

And then we all headed home.

I have just seen the next President of the United States.



Blogger D.B. Echo said...

If North Carolina is painted blue Election Night, I will be deeeelighted.

I worry about PA. It's still very close here. I think one person can help turn the tide...and she's supposed to be coming here soon.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Mark Rutkowski said...

We're doing our part up here in Michigan. Well, actually the 9.5 percent unemployment rate and the loss of more than 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the last eight years is helping, but that's OK. I saw Obama has a small (3-point) lead in Virginia. VIRGINIA??? He's beating a POW Army vet in VIRGINIA???

4:17 PM  

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