Friday, April 04, 2008

I wanted two cats; I got a mini-series

In the continuing saga....

Ivy never returned. I put out tuna on both porches and fed the raccoons. I put out a humane trap and snagged the neighbor's cat. It was pretty apparent that she was gone and not coming back.

So, I talked to Marilyn and we made arrangements for me to get another cat from that litter. And she informed me she may have given me the wrong cat last time. It's kind of hard to tell with four brown tabbies, but two of them were more socialized than the others, and she's afraid she may have given me Cat 3, when she meant to give me Cat 2.

This afternoon we met at the vet and she brought me a replacement cat. She looks just like Ivy with a little patch of white under her chin and she has about half a pound on Fern. And she also has some Dental Issues, but not as bad as Fern. With a good cleaning she may be in better shape. But Fern is already on Science Diet Dental Care (and she lets me brush her teeth! Whatta cat!) and gets Greenies as treats and I'm looking into this Oxyfresh Pet Oral Hygiene solution so both of them will have the best teeth possible.

I had no idea how Fern would react to a new (well, not so new but a stranger for a month) cat. She has really enjoyed all my attention and is definitely alpha female around here. Right now, Fern is sleeping between my legs and the new cat is sleeping in the open carrier right next to me. Fern has made a few growling noises at first but I think we may have achieved detente for a while, at least for as long as naptime lasts. I've marked both of them with my perfume so everybody smells the same. Nobody seems too nervous for now.

Oh, and the name of our new cat?



Blogger hedera said...

I came down with the plague in early March, followed by a murrain in late March, and quit reading blogs for awhile, so I only just got to the cat saga. So sorry to hear you lost Olive; glad to hear you have (I think) 2 replacements now. You do have two cats now?? Good luck with them...

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