Monday, September 01, 2008

Time flies

It's been a hot, busy summer, but since Labor Day marks the official end of the season, I'm hoping things will get cooler and calmer soon.

Lots of catching up to do...

-- Fern and Clover are just fine, thank you. Clover took a while to warm up to me but we're buddies now, to the point where she lets me clip her nails. Fern could be a little friendlier to her; their encounters consist of Fern licking Clover's face and then hitting her in the face with her paw. They are sisters, after all.

-- It was another summer of drought, broken only by a storm during the last week of July that left my immediate neighborhood looking like a tornado had come through. Turned out to be very localized wind shears. Lots of trees down (none of mine, though, thank Lobster) and power outages. Last week the remnants of Fay came through with three days of gentler rain. Hanna should arrive this weekend. I intend to spend Saturday watching it rain.

-- The Tigers are a mystery to me this year, and thus I'm no longer blessing the boys. Go Twins!

-- Barack Obama will be President of the United States. Repeat and savor.


Blogger Leisha Camden said...

-- Barack Obama will be President of the United States.

I hope so ... !! Glad that you're optimistic. :-)

8:24 AM  

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