Monday, October 20, 2008

Guess what I did today!

Thanks to the Democrats in North Carolina in the 60's, you must vote for President separately from voting a straight party ticket. At the time the Democrats were worried that straight party voting would affect downticket races, since a number of NC Democrats were conservative and favored people like Nixon. It is not, as some folks on DailyKos seem to believe, some last minute GOP effort to commit voter fraud and disenfranchise Democratic voters.


In fact, it may very well mean an over-vote for Obama vs. the rest of the ticket. There are a lot of new voters who registered this year because of Barack Obama and they're going to be looking for his name, not a party affiliation, on the ballot. There are also a number of Republicans who want to vote for Obama for President but will vote a straight Republican ticket for the rest of the slate.

The ballot is not confusing at all. The Presidential selection is at the top, with a big notice that you must select a candidate separately from a straight party ticket. If my observation of the people standing in line at the polling place, lists in hand, is any indication, voters are coming to the polls prepared. And the poll workers are very clear as they give you instructions. All early voting in Forsyth county is done on touch-screens. I was a little leery of that until I saw the cash register tape-like paper running along the side of the machine, which the poll worker said was a paper record of my vote.

So -- I did it. And even though I voted early, I will perform my usual Election Day ritual of taking cookies to the poll workers in my precinct. I believe it's going to be a very long day for them. And isn't that wonderful?

I voted for Barack Obama because I agree with his economic policy, his approach to foreign affairs and his understanding of the complexities of the problems we face. And because I want this couple in the White House:



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