Monday, November 10, 2008

'Tis the Season

Even though the Christmas stuff has been out since Labor Day, those of us with any sanity have ignored it and don't really get into the mood until after Thanksgiving. However, if you're sending packages overseas, now is the time to start shopping and sending.

And that brings me to that little button on the right, which will take you to This is a great organization that can link you to a member of the military serving overseas and you can peruse his or her list of requested items, make up a boxful of stuff and send it over.

The items they request don't cost much at all -- in fact, I've filled quite a few boxes going through the Dollar Store. They need toiletries and stuff that smells nice. They need puzzle books and writing paper. They need snacks and junk food. But mostly, they just need to know that we're thinking of them.

If your office does a gift exchange, why not can it this year and pool your money to make up a few packages? I bet you even have some friends and family members who would willingly forego getting any more "stuff" for themselves (and avoid all that holiday shopping) in order to provide a nice holiday package for someone who could really use some holiday cheer. Even if you can't afford a package, just sending a letter or card would brighten someone's day.

Go on -- click on the button and start reading the stories and requests. Just be forewarned -- it's addictive.


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